Dj Equipment Best-Of Guide

You’ve worked hard and you’ve got the best DJ equipment you can afford but you realise you need to get a good set of speakers as well. How do you choose? Obviously it depends what kind of venues you’re play in. It’s not even a necessity if you’re playing mostly in clubs or other such venues that have their own PA systems - then all you need do is just plug directly into them. But more and more you’re finding you’re booked for parties and events where they don’t have a sound system, so yes, it’s time to get your own amplification system and speakers. They’ve got to be good too because at the end of the day its the speakersjob to get your sounds across to your audience.

First thing you got to know is the difference between active and passive speakers and then which to choose. Mostly the advice has always been to get active, otherwise known as powered, PA speakers rather than hawking along a standalone amplifier as well. You have to understand that powered speakers have an amplifier incorporated so you simply have less to carry and when you get to the event all you have to do is connect your input source such as a mixer, straight into the rear of the cabinet and you’re rocking! This way you’ve no need for a separate amplifier or a load of those extra cables. Obviously such an active PA speaker is nowadays by far the most popular for the contemporary mobile DJ or performer.  Opposed to 'passive', they are the clear no-hassle choice but is it the best DJ equipment add on you can get.

For most DJs the answer is yes because having a passive system adds more variables that can go wrong with your setup, like if your amp goes out that’s the end of your DJ-ing that night or if your speakers blow then your sound is wrecked for the rest of the gig. And there’s so many different ways manufacturers rate their speaker power it’s really difficult to pair speakers with a suitable amp. Definitely you want your speakers to enhance your dj equipment for every beginner so it’s best to select a powered speaker set with a good brand name. That way you know that what you’re getting is a speaker system that is  perfectly matched with its own built in amplifiers that is unlikely ever to blow out on you permanently.